Introducing Giulliana Fonseca – Photographer

Giulliana Fonseca

My latest project of sports photo editing has been exclusively focused on McHugh BJJ and Kickboxing students, coaches, and the professor. I’ve been fortunate to be able to rely on the amazing skills of McHugh’s official photographer, Giulliana Fonseca. She has kindly allowed me to use her photos and I give credit when I’m aware the photos are hers. Since I’m not as much of a photographer as I am an illustrator and fine artist, it’s nice to be able to choose well focused and composed photos to edit.

McHugh BJJ

Giulliana gets up close to the athletes and since she is a blue belt herself in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, she knows the sport well. Giulliana introduces herself on her website with the following:

“Based in the Philadelphia Area, I provide photography, videography, and graphic services to clients throughout the tri-state area.

New clients can expect an intimate, hilarious, and fun session. I specialize in providing dynamic, vibrant, and crisp finished product while delivering a memorable experience for everyone.”

Giulliana's SpecialtiesGiulliana’s style is clean and crisp and she focuses on several specialties, including portrait services, wedding and event photography. But I think she particularly excels in fitness marketing and competitive sports coverage.

In addition to photography, Giulliana is an illustrator. Lately, she has been marketing her services on Fiverr to turn your selfie into a creative illustration. Contact her through Fiverr to turn your own selfie into a fun and unique image.

Selfie Illustration

The best way to check out Giulliana’s work is to visit her website or her Facebook page.


Facebook Page


Be Fearless

Be Fearless

I love this quote as it perfectly says what I feel about art and creativity, as well as my fitness journey. I’ve been adding to my website project, McHugh BJJ Sports Photo Edits on a pretty regular basis. I wanted to highlight the latest picture in the gallery, in which my kickboxing friends are featured in a fighting stance. I think it speaks for itself.