Injuries in Jiu Jitsu

Injuries: Just Another Bruise
Just Another Bruise

Age = Injury?

I don’t know if my age makes me more susceptible to injuries or if getting injured is just part of any contact sport. I do know that it takes me more time to recover from injury than it used to. So a lot of my attention in live training is to minimize the risk. I freely admit to tapping really quickly before a submission is completed, and rolling more slowly than others.


One suggestion I’ve read about to avoid injuries is to be selective about who I roll with. Instead, I pretty much train with anyone who asks. I think it’s hard to judge how to roll with someone so different in physical attributes and overall goals, so I appreciate all my training partners. Since I’m not attending the women’s class in the evening, I rely on the guys who are all heavier and stronger than me to be my training partners. Kudos to anyone willing to work with me.

Minor Injuries

All that being said, I have experienced a few minor injuries since coming back, making it harder to train. Fortunately, each time I caught it early and they were never serious. I think my pain tolerance has increased also. Besides the expected bruises (of which I get more while training with the girls, ironically), I’ve tweaked one of my oblique muscles, strained my hamstring slightly, suffered a bout of vertigo, irritated my rotator cuff, and currently I’m working with a slightly strained back/hip muscle.


The vertigo, frankly was the most unnerving since I don’t know what caused it or how to prevent it in the future. It seems to have resolved itself after seeing the doctor and learning how to do the Epley Maneuver at home. But now I’m resting and rehabbing the low back strain and planning on continuing my strength workouts and classes. I decide on Randori during class. It’s hard to tell if something will loosen up with movement so I may go home early if needed. At least I try to get to class and drill the techniques.

Keep Going

All in all, none of these has been even close to making me want to quit. They have made me want to be more careful and pre-hab better. My goal is to defy time and the common sense that says I shouldn’t be doing this at my age. I will roll on and continue to enjoy my journey in jiu jitsu.

Leveling Up to 4 Stripe White

Me and Coach Tony

I’ve been back at the academy for 7 months now and amazingly, I’ve just received the 4th stripe on my White Belt!! Hooray! I’m so excited about this little piece of tape, more so since Blue Belt is just around the corner. As with the other stripes, I don’t feel like I’ve improved at all, but I’ll take it. I’ve been working really hard with 4 classes a week and 2 private sessions with Coach Tony @coachtonybjj. And yet, I still have trouble accomplishing much during live training. My immediate goal is to stay injury free on the way to Blue, and I’ve been having a few issues that I’ll share another time. For now I’m just celebrating.

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