Belt Promotions at McHugh’s – November 2017

Blue and Purple Belts for Adult Belt Promotions
Blue and Purple Belts for Adult Promotions

Adult Belt Promotions

Being that I’m still in the middle of this stupid vertigo issue, I wasn’t able to train yesterday on Adult Belt Promotion Day. But DH was kind enough to drive me over to take pictures and cheer for my friends who got new belts. I video taped Professor Pete demonstrating the lessons of the day. And then took pictures of everyone who earned their blue and purple belts. The mat was crowded and the room warm. It was fun to watch everyone roll, especially the shark tank at the end. We had a good showing from the women of McHugh’s, who we call The Sparkle Corner Team as a group.

Purple Belts

It was heart-warming to see all their hard work pay off. By the end, I was exhausted from lurching around like a drunken sailor and DH got me to the car without saying goodbye to anyone. I didn’t want to be in the way of the celebrations and I wasn’t feeling well after standing so long. I’ll admit I’m a little despondent about not being able to even train. But that doesn’t take away the joy I feel for my friends. Our Purple Belt Bench has gotten much deeper.

McHugh Purple Belts
McHugh Purple Belts after Belt Promotions (only 2 missing from the photo)

Love this Place

I’m not going to be training until after Thanksgiving now. The vertigo is not getting better very fast or seemingly at all. I can’t wait till I get back, but until then I have some things I want to do – reading and art, which don’t bother me as long as I’m not moving a lot. And on a good note, we’re going on vacation next week. I love these people and appreciate that they care about everyone in the school, even the old lady of the group. I will be back soon.

McHugh BJJ Coaches and Students
McHugh BJJ Coaches and Students
McHugh Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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