Blue Belt

Blue Belt Promotion Selfie
Blue Belt Promotion Selfie

Well after almost 3 years with 18 months off from injury, I finally earned my blue belt. Woo Hoo! I actually missed the Belt Promotion Day because of another obligation so got it the Monday afterwards. I teared up a little having the Professor tie it on. We don’t have to endure a gauntlet of any kind so it was all good. DH watched and recorded most of it.

Now I can go to the advanced class and learn all kinds of new stuff, including leg attacks, which make me the most nervous of all. I don’t really feel extra pressure yet from the possibility of being owned by white belts. With very little ego left, I figure that will happen anyway so no worries. I’m just ready to settle into goal-less training and continue with what has become a steady part of my life – noon class and now advanced class.

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