My McHugh BJJ Rash Guard

Peer pressured (in a friendly way by a coach/friend), I tried my first nogi class last week and had a great time! For anyone not familiar with jiu jitsu, nogi is simply jiu jitsu without the gi. On the plus side, the rash guard is amazingly comfortable and it’s nice not to have the weight and stiffness of the gi slowing me down. My main negative is there are no grips to hold onto and the human body is very slippery, especially a sweaty human body in a rash guard! But everyone else is in the same boat.

Instead of holding onto the gi sleeves and lapels, we try to directly control elbows, wrists, hips, and so on. It was a real challenge but also a lot of fun. The upper belts and coaches have said that training nogi helps your gi game. Because if you can do a move without grips in nogi, getting grips in the gi becomes a bonus.

Now that McHugh’s is offering a noon class every day, I want to get to as many of them as possible and Wednesdays are always nogi so there it is. Just adding another tool to the toolbox.

McHugh Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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