Question of the Day 11-22-2017

Question of the Day

Here’s a question for you:

What lesson have you learned the hard way, either on or off the mat?

Apparently I’m a slow learner in many areas. Before I started jiu jitsu I injured my shoulder (partially torn rotator cuff) and my hamstring (pulled doing sprints). Both times I went back to my workouts too soon and set myself back. Now I know to let myself heal completely before resuming my normal activities. I still don’t like waiting but I will if necessary. 

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One thought on “Question of the Day 11-22-2017

  1. Oh man! I guess I’d have to say patience. I’m a redhead and got the fabled temper that comes with it. I learned early in my martial arts journey that it will not ever serve me! So I had to learn patience and how to control said temper

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