Back to the Mat!

After almost a month away, due to severe and unrelenting vertigo for awhile, followed by vacation, I’m excited to be back to training! Woo Hoo! I went to class Monday and Tuesday and will go Thursday and Friday with a firm commitment to keep prevailing. I’m rusty and slow, but I’m there and I’ll get back in shape soon. The vertigo isn’t completely gone but I’m convinced I can work with it, around it, or through it.

Vertigo… Again… Yikes

Vertigo: The World is Spinning
Vertigo: The World is Spinning

Déjà vu

I woke up this morning feeling a little “off”, but just attributed it to general fatigue from my strength workout yesterday. I should have known that the dreaded vertigo was back after feeling a bit dizzy at the gym. Actually, I was very dizzy, dropping to my knees when I stood up too quickly at one point. However, this morning I went immediately into denial and ignored it. You would think I would have known by now after the last time I experienced it. By the time I was supposed to leave for my jiu jitsu class, the spinning was intense and making me nauseous. I tried the Epley Maneuver to no avail this time. And I went back and forth on going to class until I realized that I wouldn’t be safe driving.

Missing Class

I had to text Coach and let him know I wouldn’t be there after all. I took a Meclizine tablet the doctor had prescribed last month and promptly fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours. Afterwards, I woke up feeling much better but very downcast that I missed class. I’m concerned that this is going to be an issue that keeps returning. It seems to have a will of its own. I’m determined to not let it stop me but work around it as best as I can. Ironic that my problem is dizziness when all I want to do is roll.

Determined to Prevail

With that in mind I’m hoping to make class tomorrow, and most especially Saturday for Adult Belt Promotion Day at the Academy! I don’t usually go on the weekend but a bunch of my friends are due for new belts. I want to be there to cheer for them! If I keep training regularly and improving, I hope to get my Blue Belt sometime next year, and would appreciate my friends’ support too.

Edit – I won’t be getting to class just yet, but will instead be making an appointment with an ENT to figure this out for good. Sigh…

Edit again – Even if I miss training, I won’t be idle. I have some plans that I’ll share in my next post. 🙂